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A Family-Owned Business

A Family-Cherished Passion

The love of flowers runs deep in our family's blood, with our grannys and great-grannys having all cherished the beauty of floral gardening over the decades. Powell Family Flower Farms is established on land that has been loved and maintained by our family for generations.

Timmy Powell had a growing interest in using this land to farm flowers for the local community and began a small hobby farm on his property. His daughter-in-law, Brooklyn, quickly fell in love with the growing, harvesting & arranging of the flowers during her extended maternity leave. When Timmy's wife, Lori, had an accident that required his care from home, Timmy & Brooklyn decided to take a leap of faith and begin a flower farm on this land, one seed at a time.

With the start of Powell Family Flower Farms, the Powell Family was able to witness the healing and recovery of Lori while watching the beauty of the flowers overflow their property, bringing comfort to them and their family in difficult times.

It is our hope and prayer that these flowers bring you comfort, joy, inspiration & hope, too.



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Timmy, Lori, Joy, Brooklyn & Daniel Powell

Powell Family Flower Farms is located at 3169 SW 42nd Court. While the farm is not open to the public daily, a flower stand is located on the edge of the property for easy and convenient flower order pick-ups. Send us an email to place an order! Farm visits during you-pick season can be scheduled by appointment starting in June.

The Powell Family's biggest prayer for their flower farm is that their flowers bring their family, friends, and community the same enjoyment and beauty that they have received from them.


Co-Founder, Farmer-Florist & Marketing

Shortly after graduating from The University of Florida with a degree in civil engineering, Brooklyn married Timmy & Lori's son, Daniel, and moved to Bell. As a Jacksonville-native, it wasn't until living in Bell that she discovered her love for gardening and agriculture.

Brooklyn is excited to get to be involved in the daily operations of Powell Family Flower Farms and to experience the beauty of flower farming through planting, harvesting, arranging, sharing & selling.

When she is not wrapping bouquets or preparing farmers' markets, Brooklyn is tending to her own home and garden with her loving husband and adventurous toddler son. She loves to grow, nurture, decorate and create in everything she does.


Co-Founder & Lead Farmer

Timmy Powell is the loving husband to Lori and a devoted father and grandfather (known as "Grandpa" or "Bopo" to his two grandsons). He was born and raised in Bell, Florida and has a deep rooted love for his home and community.

Timmy uses his life experiences from growing up in the agricultural community to grow and harvest his flowers. He has fond memories of helping farm this very same land as a kid with his Grandpa Jones. If you ask him why he enjoys growing flowers, he usually responds with "because they make people happy".

When Timmy isn't tending to his flower farm, you can find him hunting or enjoying time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.


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